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A special thanks to my gynaecologist, Dr. Deepika Tiwari for being so amazing throughout my pregnancy, to be honest, I have not been the easiest patient!! I am frightful and ask way too many questions. She answered all my questions in great detail and with tremendous patience. From advice ranging from medical to lifestyle to hints and tips, Dr Deepika was always available to help and share. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her speciality in gynecology. Its a joy to know you. May you be blessed forever. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superior gynaecologist. ANKITA GARG


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Kimaya Healthcare is a multi-specialty Health & Medical Center specializing in both Preventive & Curative Health. We offers services in sectors of - Women Health, Bone & Joint Health, Pain Management, Occupational Health, Preventive Health & Corporate Health. Our specialists across various Sciences work in tandem towards improving your health & well being. Our Mission is - Quality Healthcare at Affordable Cost.

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orthopedic doctor near me    Bones Clinic is started by Dr Anurag Awasthi & Dr Deepika Tiwari, as a holistic medical center in Gurgaon, India offering healthcare with empathy & excellence. It offers services in Orthopedics, GynecologyPhysiotherapy, Home Healthcare & Corporate Health.  Our Doctors have undisputed reputation towards ethical practice, and are affiliated with the top medical centers and hospitals for tertiary care.

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