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Fibroid treatment in Gurgaon

Fibroid Treatment in Gurgaon

Fibroids are the benign tumors arising from the Uterine wall. Approximate incidence is 25-30 % of women in reproductive age group.

Fibroids are classified in to three types: Intramural , Sub-Serosal & Sub-Mucosal. 

Symptoms & Presentation:

Fibroids are usually asymptomatic; so diagnosis is often delayed. Large fibroids may present with Painful Menses, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Pressure symptoms leading to Pain in lower abdomen; sometimes presenting as infertility. 

Diagnostic Tools:

1. Large Fibroids may be diagnosed on Internal examination or Abdominal examination.

2. Ultrasound of lower abdomen

3. MRI Pelvis


1. Small, asymptomatic fibroids may be keep under observation.

2. Large fibroids causing symptoms may be removed surgically either by Open Surgery or more commonly Laparoscopic surgery.