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Knee Arthritis

Advanced Knee Arthritis X Ray

Total knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Do I Need A Knee Replacement ?
Knee replacement is required for advanced arthritis of the knee joint, producing painful limitation of movements and restriction in activities of daily living.
Knee replacement as a solution should be offered only after supervised physiotherapy trials, have failed.

What Are the different types of knee replacement, and which one do I Need ?
Knee replacement can be total or unicondylar, depending on the number of compartments involved. Among the total knee replacement, there are two popular designs- Cruciate Retaining, and Posterior Stabilized. The decision for the design is best taken by the operating orthopedic surgeon based on the integrity of ligaments. Patella resurfacing as a routine is a debatable subject.

<< Customized or patient specific Knee Replacement >> is the latest in technology. Helps the surgeon to get the most accurate result, less blood loss, minimizes risk of Embolism for the patient.

When can I resume work after a knee replacement ?
After a unilateral knee replacement, most patients can resume community ambulation within approximately 4 weeks, and start office after 6 – 8 weeks. In a Bilateral Knee replacement, patients attain community ambulation status after an average of 10-12 weeks (approximately 3 months).
In our practice, most of the patients are able to walk without support approximately 3 weeks after surgery.

What are the risks involved in a knee replacement surgery ?
The most significant risks include Infection, Deep vein thrombosis,and Aseptic loosening of implants. The risks correlate with the co-morbid medical condition, and must be discussed with the patient before surgery.

How long do I need to stay in hospital?
Patients normally require hospitalization for 3-4 days in single knee replacement, and up to 7 days in both knee replacement surgery

How much is the surgery duration ?
A single knee replacement takes approximately 90 min- 2 hours. Both knee replacement surgery takes approx 3- 4 hours.

How long do I need to take rest after surgery?
Under normal circumstances, patients are allowed to stand with walker support on next day of surgery. Ambulation with walker starts within 2-3 days, depending upon the medical condition and pain control.

What should I expect during the hospital stay ?
Patients are given epidural anesthesia for surgery, and post op pain relief. They are expected to follow instruction from physiotherapist regarding muscle training.

When do we remove stitches?
Staples / stitches are normally removed 2 weeks after surgery. In case of Diabetic patients with delayed wound healing, staple removal may be delayed by a few days. Absorbable sutures for skin should be avoided due to risk of reaction in some patients.

When can I walk without support ?
Under normal circumstances, patients are able to walk without support after 3 weeks in single knee replacement surgery. In both knee replacement surgery, they take approximately 5-6 weeks.

Total Knee Replacement surgery Cost depends upon two factors-

1. Implant Specifications

2. Hospital/ Room Category

The approximate cost of a THR/ TKR starts around 1.6- 1.7  lacs for a standard imported implant in a affordable hospital category. In a corporate hospital, the cost starts around 2.0  lacs.

The cost includes Surgeon / Anesthesia Fee, Hospital expenses, Medications, Room Stay, and routine blood tests.